Tracking fields

The tracking fields will be approx. 30 km. from the Stadion and we foresee a specially designated place where all participants will gather for a guided drive to the tracking fields.   

More information on this will of course be available and given at the meeting between the teamcaptains and the judges.
Tracking will be on grass.    

The following photo's (taken 21.09.2016) do NOT show the actual tracking fields but they do give an idea of what kind of tracking fields to expect.  The grass will be simular in nature but at the moment we can of course not guarantee its length on the day of the competition ... . 

The objects are : cloth / wood / leather (cfr. photo).

Training fields for tracking will be available.      

Cfr. the IFR Regulations on the organization of the World Championship :

Before the trial, all participants must be given the opportunity to track at least one time on fields that are similar in structure to the tracking-fields of the trial. The eventuality that these or some of these practice-fields would not be large enough to lay a track of 600-paces, gives no ground to complaints although the organization will do its best to present adequate fields.

Information about these trainingfields can be obtained by contacting