We are very happy that the following tracklayers were able and willing to offer their services.   Each of them may rely on on a large experience, both as handlers and as tracklayers.    Especially with our Belgian track expert Luc Vernelen as a supervisor, tracks that will offer each dog the full possibility to show his/her best performances, are ensured.

Tracking director : Luc Vernelen.

Has a very wide experience, both as a handler and as a tracklayer and is in Belgium even one of the very few track layers who is licenced to act as tracking supervisor (=normally reserved for judges only),

Besides at countless national trials, he was a tracklayer at :
        - World Championshiip FCI Tessenderlo 1993
        - World Championship FMBB Den Haan 2003
        - World Championship FCI Waver 2008

Caymax Marc

Is an active trainer/handler in IPO for more than 40 years.    Marc is an experienced track layer, licenced since 1987 and has been a track layer, both in Belgium as in the Netherlands, at more than 100 trials, including events like the VVDH-Championship, the Universal Sieger, Belgian Championship for German Shepherds, various provincial championships, the interland Belgium-Holland,                                ... .

Degens Johnny

Has participated the WUSV worldchampionship 2 x with Utz vom haus Sevens, 2 x with Zidane vom haus Sevens, 2 x with Nena vom Pralatenwald whith whom he won the second place at the VVDH Belgian Championship, 1 x with Ipo van Biezenhoeve with whom he won the WUSH Universalsieger 2013.
Jos Domen

Active dog trainer and participant in IPO.

Jos is a well known experienced tracklayer both in the Netherlands as in Belgium.

In 2015 the NBG Nederland titled him to be the best dogsporter.