Protection helpers

Marino Verkindere

Born 01-12-1970

I' active in dogsport with boxers as a handler since 1983 and in 1990 as a member of the Koninklijke Belgische Boxerclub – section Roeselare.   In 2002 I became the president of this section.    In 1998 I became a member of the German Boxer Klub – Gruppe Aachen and in 2014 of EDC Deinze.

I am a licenced protection helper since 1998 and have worked as a helper at about 120 trials, of which 19 CAC’s, 8 CACIT’s, 2x ZTP Boxer Klub Aachen, 2x Belgian Championship KUCBH, 3x Belgian Championship BCBBF&A, the World Championship FMBB 2011 and the World Championship Atibox 2015.

At the club I am a protection helper / instructor / tracklayer for Rottweilers, Flemish Cowdogs, Malinois, German Shepherds, Dobermann, Tervurens Shepherds, Dutch Shepherd and of course also Boxers.
Carl Onbelet

For many years I'm having passion for dogs and dogsport in general. Since I was a little kid my parents took me each weekend to a trial or a show. In Januar 1986 at the age of 5, I became a member of the “VVDH” which is the Flamish Association for German Shepherds.

I started (as many people did) with showing dogs on shows, but slowly I was getting more and more interested in becoming an IPO helper. Also because my father had been a helper for a long time, I got infected by the same passion as he did.   

In the meantime I'm already 12 years a helper at our club and on IPO-competitions. During that period I was a competition helper on national and international IPO-trials. I'm thinking of the “VVDH Championship”, the “Belgian Championship for German Shepherd Dogs”, the “Belgian Championship for Belgian Shepherds”, the “Belgian Championship for all breeds”, the “WUSV-Universalsieger”, …. And many more….
I wish you all a pleasant stay in Belgium and good luck.
Bart Dessers
I adopted my first German Shepherd dog in 2007 and quickly became a member of the V.V.D.H., our local German Shepherd breed society.  It didn't take very long for me to get interested in protection work and soon I wanted to see what it was like to be a helper myself.  

In 2010 I passed the helper exam and became a licensed helper so I could be a trial helper at our local trials.

I Obtained A-level qualification in 2012 and since then I took part in quite a lot of regional, national and international trials.  As a member of the V.V.D.H. club in Veerle and the Belgian Doberman club my goal each training is to help and prepare our club's dogs so they can have success in their trials.  

I wish you all good luck !