Official training - schedule

Schedule for the official training session on Thursday 24 august 2017

We refer to art. 12 of the IFR regulations on the organisation of the World Championship :

The day before the trial, all participants (with the exception of female dogs in heat) will be given the opportunity to train obedience and protection on the actual trial-field.

The time that they will be given for this, will be determined by the trial-director in function of the number of participants and will be the same for all dogs.

A time-schedule for this training-session will be given to all team-captains and the organizing club will see to it that the schedule is strictly obeyed.

The field will be complete, incl. all attributes and markings but without the helpers for the trial.

Should a team timely express its need for the assistance of a helper, the organizing club will see to it that a helper (not one of the helpers for the World Championship-trial) will be available at the training-session of the team.

Before the trial, all participants must be given the opportunity to track at least one time on fields that are similar in structure to the tracking-fields of the trial. The eventuality that these or some of these practice-fields would not be large enough to lay a track of 600-paces, gives no ground to complaints although the organization will do its best to present adequate fields.

Please keep in mind that all participants must be registered and have passed the veterinary check before being allowed on the training field.   

If dogs are absent or if bitches are in heat and therefore not allowed on the training field, the schedule will be adapted to this and the time given to their team will be reduced.  

The time schedule is based on a training time of 06 minutes per dog.   It must be strictly obeyed.   Please be in time.   Participants who arrive late will not be allowed to train on the field out of the time window reserved for their team.    All directives by the field supervisor must be obeyed.

Participants who want to train tracking, may ask their team captain to contact Jeannine Geentjens - - +32 477/572367.

If a protection helper is needed, please do not ask us at the moment of the official training session but ask us well in advance !

09.00 h.  – 09.18 h.
Czech Republic                      
09.20 h. -   09.44 h.
09.45 h.  – 10.19 h.
10.20 h.  – 11.02 h.
11.05 h.  – 11.35 h.
Gr Britain                                
11.40 h.  – 12.04 h.
12.05 h.  – 12.35 h.
Russia – Slovenia - Spain       
12.40 h.  – 12.58 h.
13.00 h.  – 13.42 h.
13.45 h.  – 14.09 h.
The Netherlands                    
14.10 h.  – 14.34 h.
14.35 h.  – 14.59 h.