Trial director & supervising judge

Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium)

After years of having successfully shown all Rottweilers we owned (including obtaining several national titles and even twice the title of FCI-World Winner) and of intensely training our dogs (including my participation as a member of the Belgian team that won the 3th place of the IFR-worldchampionship 1997 in Chicago), canalizing this passion towards other levels came almost natural. In 2001 I was appointed both as conformation-judge for the Rottweiler and as IPO-judge. This has given me the opportunity to meet and judge the Rottweiler all over the world, literally on every continent, both in shows, breed-suitability tests and IPO-trials, including judging the IFR-worldshow in Mexico, Argentina and Cezch Republik and 2 x the protection part (C) of the IFR-worldchampionship IPO (Spain and Denmark).  Besides this, I have judged many IPO-trials, both in Belgium and abroad, including several times the Belgian championship all breeds.  

Further, since 2003 I am the president of the Belgian Rottweiler Club (VZW Belgische Rottweiler Klub - Club Belge Rottweiler), since 2006 until 2015 I was the Vice-president of the IFR (International Federation of Rottweilerfriends) and in september 2016 and may 2017 I was elected as President of the IFR.     I have had the honor of chairing all IFR-congresses since 2006 and the annual IFR-judge's and breedwarden seminars.  

It is not a secret that I am very concerned about recent evolutions in our beloved breed, in my opinion leading away from his original physical characteristics but also away from his specific nature and personality. I cannot tell what the future will bring, but I sincerely hope – and will do what I can to help achieve this – that it will be a future in which the Rottweiler will indeed prove to deserve and keep his place in our human society but always without losing the characteristics of the utility dog that in so important measure define him !

A - Tracking 

Vincent Solare (France)
Dog handler-trainer since 2005 and have trained 4 different dogs to IPO 3 level.

I have participated 9 World Championships : 4 x FCI, 5 X FMBB.

French Vice Champion Belgian Shepherds 2013.
2 x Regional Champion Nord Pas de Calais France 2015 and 2016.
Member of CRV ( Rottweilerclub of Venezuela ) since 2010 and working judge of this club since 2010.

I have always been active as a trainer, protection helper and Rottweiler judge since my start in Venezuela and France and have myself owned several Rottweilers of which one obtained IPO 3.

As a judge I have judged :

- several breed special trials in Venezuela
- the Nationale d'élévage UFR 2014 en France
- I have been a judge of FCV ( Venezuela ) since 2010 and became a judge SCC ( France )  since july 2016 and have judged more than 60 trials of which 25 national trials (France, Belgium, Spain, Venezuela, Chili, Brazil) and 2 World Championships ( ATIBOX 21015 and FMBB 2016 ).

I am still a recognized protection helper in France and have passion for the IPO that I participate at all levels.

B - Obedience

Rick Zainel (Netherlands)
I would like to introduce myself and inform you about some of my experience in  dog sports.
My name is Rick Zainal Abidin , I am 45 years of age and a resident of the Netherlands.

I started training in 1988 and i am proud to say that my first dog was a Rottweiler. That is why I am very honored to judge the IFR World Championship Rottweiler 2017. 

In 2004 I became a judge. Since that time I had the honor to judge many National and International Championships and competitions.

National :                                                                                          International / CACIT
2 Times Dutch All Breeds CWH                                                 2011 Nat. IPO Champ. Perkin, Indonesia
2 Times NBG                                                                             2012 Nat. Champ. Belgium Shepherds, Belg.
2 Times NRC Rottweilers                                                          2012-2016 KCTH SEA IPO Champ. Thailand
2 Times NBC Bouviers                                                              2014 FMBB Qualifier Denmark
2 Times DVIN Dobermann                                                        Sweden cup, Falkenberg, Sweden
2 Times NVBH Belgium Shepherds                                           Berentrofee CACIT , Beerse Belgium

At present I am still quite active in dog sports. I am currently training a Dutch Shepherd female which is going very well. I also have the function of Chairman of the Technical Commission of the NBG.

I would like to wish all the participants, officials and the entire organisation the best of luck, enjoyment and great sportsmanship at this IFR World Championship 2017

Your sincerely,
Rick Zainal Abidin.                                                                                                                                                                                                

C - Protection

Alfons Van den Bosch (Belgium)
Hertendreef 6
2990 Wuustwezel, Antwerpen, België.
GSM: 0032(0)475959094
                              E-mail: 1cvdb@telenet.be
                              Geb.:   13/08/1950

Judge IPO since :                      1988.
Judge Rescue Dogs since :       2000
Judge Obedience since :           2001

President VdA KKUSH
Member of KBC.
Member of CC/KR KKUSH

Delegate for Belgium in the FCI - Commissions : Utility dogs, Rescue Dogs, Herding Dogs.

Protection helper - IPO :         1976 - 2011.
Instructor - IPO :                     1978 - 2014

Have worked with Rottweilers 1976 - 1996.
Arko Kapenborgh, SchH III, Tracking dog.
Efetz Kapenborgh, SchH I.
Hnero, SchH III,  IPO III, Tracking dog (self bred)
Kira Vom Buchberg SchH I, IPO I.

Have worked with German Shepherd dogs 1996 - 2004.
Kit Van Haus Sevens, SchH III, IPO III
Perle Vom Oberpfalz, SchH III, IPO III. (self bred)
Pathos vom Oberpfalz, SchH III, IPO III.(self bred)

Have worked with Belgian Shepherd Malinois 2004 - 2013.
Santo Van Kempens Glorie  IPO II
Bobbie van de Duvetorre IPO III.

7 X teamleader for Belgium for the WC FCI IPO.

Important trials that I have judged since 1994 :

WC IPO Doberman 4X .
WC IPO Belgian Shepherd 5X.
WC IPO Rottweiler.
WC IPO Bouvier.
Dutch championship for Rottweilers.
Dutch championship for Belgian Shepherds 2X (part C)
American championship for Belgian Shepherds 2X  (bc)
German championship for Belgian Shepherds (part C).
Finnish championship (part C).
Grote Prijs van België (Belgian Championship all breeds) 8X.
Selection trials for tracking dogs WC FCI 7X.
Many CAC-CACIT trials in Belgium and abroad.
Judge WC FCI Austria (part B 2009).
Judge WC FCI Czech Rep.  (part C) (2013).
Supervisor for WC FMBB 3X. WK FCI 1X.

Cfr. the IFR - regulations :

"Before the start of the World Championship, a meeting will be held between the present members of the board of the IFR, the judges, the trial-director, the tracking-director and the representatives of the organizing club.

Afterwards, a meeting will organized between the before-mentioned persons and the team-captains during which the course of the trial can be discussed with the judges and the objects for the tracking will be shown." **

** At this Meeting, only the teamcaptains will be invited and be allowed to ask questions concerning the course of the trial.    

The teamcaptains themselves are responsable for the communication with their teammembers.     No minutes of the meeting will be made or published and the organization denies all responsability for possible delays and/or or a lack of communication or a faulty or incomplete communication with the participants.