Entry form

Here you will find the entry form for the participants to the IFR IPO World Championship 2017.

Only teamcaptains can enter a team.    Our organization will only communicate with the teamcaptain, not with the participants and will not be responsable for possible delays and/or misunderstandings in the communication with or by the participants.

A team may consist of 5 members + 2 reserve members.    Please fill out and send a seperate entry form for each participant / reserve participant.
You will immeditately receive an e-mail to confirm the entry.        

Entries of the participants will be accepted until 22.07.2017.  It would help us if you could already now let us know that your club will enter a team. We will mention this on the website, awaiting the later entering of the participants. Please confirm this by email to dirk.vandecasteele@telenet.be

Should there be questions or problems, please contact Jeannine Geentjens - General manager of the event by email marcenjeannine@gmail.com or phone +32(0) 477 / 57.23.67 or Dirk Vandecasteele - dirk.vandecasteele@telenet.be or + 32 (0)475 / 90.09.36.

The entry fee is 100 euro / participant and must be paid at the moment of the registration dd. 24.08.2017.   The entry fee includes the cost of the diner (excl. drinks) during the "casual get together" dd. 27.08.2017 !

We look forward to meet you all in large numbers and to share a great event !

Please be advised that dogs with a tail that was amputated after 01.01.2006, cannot participate a trial or show in Belgium, whatever the reason for the amputation and in whatever country this was done.