The place to be in 2017  : Beerse, 24 - 27 august 2017.

More details will follow shortly but we now foresee the following schedule :

Thursday, 24 august 2017 - at the stadion (unless otherwise communicated)

  • 08.00 h. start of registration of teams
  • 08.00 h. start of veterinary control (veteranary : Philip Michielsen)
  • 09.00 h. start official training  (schedule )
  • 14.00 h. Judges meeting with IFR Board
  • 15.30 h. demo dogs, followed by Team captain meeting with the judges
  • 17.00 h. Opening parade and ceremony
  • 19.00 Drawing ** (at the training club Witven), Vossenbrugstraat 28, 2340 Beerse.    10 minutes from the stadium.   Parking available and dogs allowed (not at the drawing itself).       This is the dogsportclub that is available for training.

         at the drawing, we will organize a pastabar for diner and for those who do not eat pasta, there will be panini-sandwiches. 

Normal portion 6.5 euro / XL- portion : 8.5 euro for a choice of :.  


 Arabbiatta (spicy)
 Green Pesto

 2 cheeses (Emmental - Parmezan) and pasta is finished with rucola, tomatoes, basilicum, herbs.


Friday, 25 august 2017

  • Competition.

Saturday, 26 august 2017 

  • Competition
  • Casual get-together with food, drink and music (no dress code) -  at the training club Witven.     Vossenbrugstraat 28, 2340 Beerse.    10 minutes from the stadium.  Large parking available.    This is the dogsportclub that is available for training. 
                                    MENU + RESERVATION FORM

Sunday, 27 august 2017

  • Competition
  • Closing ceremony

Cfr. the IFR regulations : The day before the trial, all participants (with the exception of female dogs in heat) will be given the opportunity to train obedience and protection on the actual trial-field.
** Participants will perform in phase A (departure for the tracking fields at the stadion) during one of both trial days and will perform in phases B & C (at the stadion) during the other day.      Date and hours of performances will be decided upon by means of the drawing.