Our Team
Mentioning names, implies the risk of forgetting people.   It goes without saying that organizing an event as the IFR-worldchampionship, is not the work of a handful of people but of a large team and we should not forget that in a well run event, no job is inferior or more important to another as the succes of the event is dependent of each and every job being well done.  

Therefore, I must emphasize that the list of persons on this page is far from complete and that although many are not mentionned, nobody and nobody's effort is forgotten !!           Our special thanks go to the members and/or friends of the dogsport clubs KG Witven (responsable for miscellaneous if not almost the whole organization, incl. trainingfacilities) and DWV Balen (Group, trackingfields, catering, ...).    

Jeannine Geentjens - General manager of the event.
President of Rottweiler KG Witven Beerse
               +32 (0) 477 / 57.23.67
Dirk Vandecasteele - President Belgian Rottweilerclub - Trial director - communication and website.
              +32 (0) 475 / 90.09.36
Sonja Louwers - Trial secretary.
Harrie Louwers - Stadion manager.
Philip Michielsen - veteranary.

Guido Quinten - sponsorships.
Kathleen Vos - sponsorships
+ 32 (0) 11 / 87.27.44

Ivo Aerts, boardmember Belgian Rottweilerclub
Hans Geboers, boardmember Belgian Rottweilerclub
Marjon Dewit, boardmember Belgian Rottweilerclub
Herman Van Loon, boardmember Belgian Rottweilerclub.
Marc Guillaume, boardmember Belgian Rottweilerclub
Rudy Horemans, advisor to the board of the Belgian Rottweilerclub