ATTENTION : cirumstances beyond our will have forced us to change the dates / schedule of the event !!    Registration and training will be on thursday 24 august and the competition will be held on friday 25 - saturday 26 and sunday 27 august.

Dear Rottweilerfriends,


We find it an honor to have been entrusted with the organization of the 2017 IFR World Championship IPO.

I assure you that the Belgian Club will do its utmost best to see to it that the event will offer all what is needed to experience the Rottweiler where he belongs and where he is at his best : the working field !

One may ask as to why breed clubs organize such events.

The answer that first comes to mind is of course : because we love the Rottweiler and we love canine sport and we simply love to see the Rottweiler at work during such trials.

However, even more important, working the Rottweiler in the IPO-program is an excellent opportunity to promote and improve the breeding and education of the correctly natured Rottweiler, a dog that indeed shows a perfect social behaviour but without losing the essential traits of the working dog as these are searched for, recognized and rewarded in the socially acceptable IPO-regulations.

Such a dog is a great friend, a true companion who earns his place in our society, on every continent, in every country, in every culture, in every family ... !

The event should thus be both an impulse for our breeders and owners to be conscious of the need and possibility to breed and handle a sound and well-balanced Rottweiler but also to show and enjoy what such a dog is capable of.

As I always say, let us show the Rottweiler how he really is, it’s the best publicity the breed can get.


For this event, we wittingly chose for a formula without frills but for a trial in which all attention goes to what happens on the trialfield and not to the side-line. Some might deplore this, but I’m sure the enthousiasm of the dogs and their handlers and certainly the quality of their work, will bring you much joy and will soon convince you of the reasons of our choice.


I welcome you all, wish you a nice stay and of course all the best results you came here for !                                                                                                               

D. Vandecasteele,

President of the Belgian Rottweiler Club

(VZW Belgische Rottweiler Klub - Club Belge Rottweiler)

photo's obedience and protection : Munanis

Have already entered a team :

Austria :                                3 participants
Belgium :                              5 participants + 1 reserve
Czech Republik :                 4 participants
Denmark :                            4 participants
Finland :                               5 participants + 2 reserve
Germany :                            5 participants
Great Britain :                      4 participants
Italy :                                     5 participants
Netherlands :                        4 participants
Russia :                                 1 participant
Slovenia :                              1 participant
Switzerland :                         4 participants
Spain :                                   1 participant
Sweden :                               5 participants + 2 reserve

51 participants !!!                                             

                             new track layer : Jos Domen.
                             entry of the Austrian team.